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Seconds Quality Pins

$12.00 AUD

Pins that are not quite right or "Seconds Quality". These pins will have small defects in them. This can vary from small black dots in the enamel, unfilled or cracked enamel, rough edges on the metal, corroded plating, colour bleed etc.
There are some examples in the images, the ones shown are on the more extreme end of the spectrum of defects as most you may not even be able to notice. Seconds pins are still absolutely wearable, and from a distance look the same as a standard quality pin! Your pin will be picked randomly from the ones available so the flaw may not be one of the ones shown in the examples.

  • Knot a Dragon (dragon) 67%
  • Triple Threat (three faced beast) 95%
  • Friends for Supper (fox) 85%
  • Keep it Clean (cat) 83%
  • Beat Your Drum (drum playing beast) 89%
  • Snicken (snail chicken) 92%
  • Nock Paw Loose (rabbit) 83%
  • Cape Caper (dog) 77%
  • Diving Past (bat) 83%